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In partnership with world-class alcohol distributor RNDC, Whipshots is available online nationwide and will appear on shelves across the U.S. next year. Whipshots is introducing the three flavors in three sizes – 50 mL ($5.99), 200 mL ($13.99), and 375 mL ($19.99).

(MC Luxury Press Release) – #Sponsored Starco Brands and global artist Cardi B officially launch Whipshots, a vodka-infused whipped cream that adds a playful shot of sophistication to any drink, dessert, or party. The cutting-edge and highly anticipated spirits product is now available for consumers to purchase online nationwide at

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© Starco Brands Whipshots™

Developed by Starco Brands, Whipshots is a first-of-its-kind alcoholic whipped cream that is a party in a can and will launch in December 2021 with Partner Cardi B. Whipshots is a playful shot of sophistication that will indulge your curiosity and senses. The boozy whipped cream does not require refrigeration and can ultimately be found next to other spirits at retail locations and behind the bar.

Every day throughout December, Whipshots will be dropping 500 cans for purchase through the official Whip Drop. This release program will allow fans to snag their very own can of Cardi exclusively on, powered by the Spirits Network.

Starco Brands Featuring Cardi B Introduces  Whipshots™ Mosnar Communications
© Starco Brands Whipshots™

Whipshots combine luxury and indulgence with unmatched flavor to create a boozy whipped cream that is unlike any other spirit on the market. A luscious addition to any cocktail or event, Whipshots has 10% Alc./Vol, does not require refrigeration, and is initially available in three delicious flavors: vanilla, caramel, and mocha.

Leading the team in creative direction, cultural icon and established entrepreneur Cardi B is excited to be joining forces with the Starco Brands team as a partner of Whipshots. Together with Starco Brands CEO Ross Sklar and Chief Mixology Officer Rob Floyd, Cardi brings her unique sense of positioning, playfulness, and entrepreneurial expertise to Whipshots to disrupt a spirits marketplace that is currently dominated by conventional ideas.  

Starco Brands is a disruptive and scaling company that prides itself on only tackling products and technologies that are truly behavior-changing. Starco Brands packs a powerful punch by offering high-end products in novel ways. Cardi B is known for her unique innovative style and staying true to her own brand. With Whipshots, two disruptors have joined forces to shake up the spirits channel. Whipshots are the perfect addition to any dessert, and they can be used in creative cocktails or to top off drinks for an extra kick.

LA-based creative agency Woo was tapped by Whipshots as its AOR during the initial stages of development to help build the brand identity and all campaign elements. Everything from positioning and packaging, to the brand’s website and integrated launch campaign breaking today, were handled by the agency. Rogers & Cowan PMK (R&CPMK) is an agency of record for Whipshots’ PR and experiential activation and has been instrumental in bringing the brand to life for consumers.

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