Suri Cruise may not be known for talents such as modeling, dancing, singing, or acting just yet. However, she is known for being the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Suri has moved beyond being a celebrity baby into her own brand. And Suri is a big brand.
Suri Cruise even has her very own Huffington Post PAGE! She is becoming just as famous as Kim  Kardashian and Paris Hilton for being famous for being famous. After all it takes a lot of fame to be able to fill a Huffington Post Page with big news. Remember Suri is just 3 years old without a publicist or agent.
What if Suri Cruise started her very own fashion line for toddlers? Boy, imagine how many toddlers would be wearing fashion made for toddlers by a toddler! Is it Suri’s name that makes her so appealing? Her cute outfits certainly demand massive attention by the media.
It is officially official Suri Cruise is a brand and can be considered an A-List! Fashion designers who get Suri on front row will hit the jackpot. Hint, hint!

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