It appears as if the Queen is losing her audience and fan appeal! I wish I could say it was not so but it very much is. Average audiences for The Oprah Winfrey Show have fallen by 7 per cent this year and, since 2004, viewing figures have dropped from 9 million to not much above 7 million. A second series of her prime-time philanthropy show has been abandoned and the circulation of O, the Oprah magazine, has fallen by 10 per cent in three years.

Could the recession or according to President Bush the economic downtime cause fans not to want to hear about Oprah and her lavish lifestyle? Should Oprah maybe feature more stories about real life issues like unemployment, recession, inflation, GAS, etc… Not just how to save money but how to really survive! Showing audiences how to seek community resources, find that dream job, where to get designer clothes at real bargains etc.

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Do you think that announcing silk tea bags as a favorite during economic downtimes hurt Oprah’s brand? After all her viewers are considered real people who are actually experiencing an economic downturn.

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