Tea Forté is the award winning global luxury tea company renowned for its variety and unparalleled quality of hand-crafted teas, design-driven accessories, exquisite packaging and opulent approach. Known as the exceptional tea experience, Tea Forté is offered on the world’s finest tables with complex and varied blends to please the palate through its loose leaf teas and elegant, signature pyramid shaped infuser. Tea Forté is selected as the exclusive House Purveyor of premium teas for the James Beard Foundation.

Tea Forté HOT

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Tea Forté introduced the company’s pyramid 23kt plated gold ICON Au Tea Infuser, an aesthetic evolution add-on to the Tea Forté core experience and appeal of the brand.

The market for Tea Forté continues to expand with offerings enjoyed in over 35 countries where it is presented at leading hotels, restaurants, prestige resorts and high-end retailers. Its recent entry into the Global Travel Retail channel has resulted in increasing recognition and sales by way of an elusive and lucrative blend of quality, taste and style.

“The company is thrilled to have the ICON Au Tea infuser featured in the MoMA Stores where items are honored for distinctive form, creative thinking, and clear function,” said Stuart Avery Gold, the company’s Chief Brand Officer. “Weaving the unique strengths of our curated tea collections and design-driven accessories into the fabric of our brand provides meaningful experiences for our sales channels and ultimately the consumer.  The luxury allure of the Tea Forté experience lies at the heart of their purchase. We recognize that the choice of our brand over another says something significant about who they are. “

“With tea now a fast growing $10 billion business in the U.S. and with Americans drinking 20% more tea than they did in the previous year, our vision is two-fold,” added Tea Forté CEO Jan Hoorntje. “To carry on a meaningful special dialogue with those here and around the world that seek the ultimate tea experience, and to deliver on our brand’s unique positioning within the markets that embrace it. Everything about our new narrative from logo to packaging materials is meant to emphasize a sensory rhythm unmatched in the tea industry.”

To learn more, please visit www.teaforte.com or 1.800.721.1149. Media contact Jane Whitman, jwhitman@teaforte.com. Like on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/teafortefans.

Tea Forté HOT MosnarCommunications

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