If you watch Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta you might get confused about the Atlanta luxury market. In fact, if you believe what the show’s perception of the metro Atlanta luxury market is you will not understand what truly makes up the industry. However, it is excellent comedy and major drama making it great for entertainment.
For those not selling television and focusing on the Atlanta luxury market here is a breakdown of what is really going on.
Atlanta has started to receive a lot of major interest from around the nation and worldwide about the increase in luxury hotels. It is no secret that The Streets of Buckhead, often compared to Beverly Hills “Rodeo Drive” is having extreme financial problems to complete the development. 
The Mansion on Peachtree a luxury hotel foreclosed early this month. iStar Financial purchased the property for $66.1 million in the foreclosure auction sale. Now Donald Trump’s Trump Towers in Midtown Atlanta is scheduled to foreclosure March 2, 2010. This shows a downslide in the ability for luxury hotels to thrive in metro Atlanta.
What are people interested in when it comes to the metro Atlanta luxury market? Well, a quick review of Google’s Insights can help to understand what can sell and what areas will need to be improved. Atlanta’s luxury market is different from Beverly Hills, CA, Miami Beach, FL and Las Vegas, NV.
Breakdown Online Searches: Using Google Insights
Atlanta Luxury – Travel 10-25%
Beverly Hills Luxury – Travel 25-50%
Miami Beach, FL Luxury – Travel 50-75%
Las Vegas, NV Luxury – Travel 50-75%
The Streets of Buckhead would offer to the Atlanta luxury market a solution for high-end luxury retail. What makes Beverly Hills, CA, Miami Beach, FL and Las Vegas, NV different from Atlanta is that all three of these locations have a stronger interest in online searches for Travel when is comes to luxury.
In order for the Atlanta luxury market to sustain there must be a better strategic approach to engage target audiences in the travel industry online. TopAtlantaLuxury.com offers solutions to promote and market to the metro Atlanta luxury market.
Atlanta luxury marketers must learn how to target their audiences. It is essential for Atlanta luxury hotels to utilize media outlets such as niche blogs, social media connections, and Internet marketing to thrust Travel to Atlanta as a luxury lifestyle. Atlanta luxury travel is a major difference from Atlanta’s business and expo travel.
Most of the Atlanta luxury hotels don’t understand how to market travel as a luxury lifestyle online. This is easy to review by the evidence of low Twitter and Facebook followers online.

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