A search for Bigfoot is more than a search but a future for brand awareness. Certainly, everyone from TMZ to CNN is poking fun of Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer for proclaiming during an actual press conference on a Friday held at Palo Alto’s Crowne Plaza Hotel that they found Bigfoot! However, only a scientist will be allowed to examine him and determine if it is Mr. Bigfoot himself?

Call them wacky, crazy, or even mad. These guys have just launched the future of Web 3.0. Now, I am a true believer in Bigfoot and I know that Elvis is still alive. Why do I believe that this is actually Bigfoot? The claims of Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer packed over 200 serious journalists into one room to support their findings.

Chris Matyszczyk, points out that we should expect to see SearchingForBigfoot to surface into a mega brand. Hinting that there will be; Bigfoot perfume, Bigfoot dogfood, a Bigfoot steakhouse chain, perhaps even a Bigfoot blog from beyond the grave. Predicting that searchingforbigfoot.com will rival Amazon and Fifth Avenue for traffic and profit. And it will rival Facebook on the engagement scale.

I know that Bigfoot is real and this search must continue because Bigfoot loves luxury! Maybe there will be a Clive Christian Bigfoot perfume or even a Bigfoot Armani line? Who knows!

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