A lot still holds true with Internet real estate as with standard real estate; location or in this case key search words are king. Today entrepreneurs are searching for poorly designed and underdeveloped websites with potential to be worth much more. All is need is a new website design, promotions, traffic and the website becomes valuable to be sold. Sounds like a real estate flip; well it is sort of, only it is a website that is being flipped opposed to a house.

There is a growing wave of entrepreneurs becoming fascinated with Internet domain names, niche blogs and niche websites that they can flip to make a nice profit for all of their sweat equity they put into building up the Internet business. Largely driven by the high-profile Internet deals such as; Condé Nast’s $25 million purchase of Wired News, People.com’s acquisition of Celebrity Baby Blog, and Guardian News and Media and the owner of PaidContent for a reported $30 million.

Is there a pot of gold waiting?

Take for example, Dave Hermansen did not own a bird or a cage when he bought bird-cage.com, an online store, for $1,800 three years ago. He simply saw a Web site that was “very, very poorly done,” and begged the owners to sell it to him. He then redesigned the site, added advertising and drove up traffic. Last December, he sold it for $173,000.
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Happy Internet Website Blog Flipping!

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