If you had a friend and not just ANY friend I am talking about the mega friend of all friends. Let’s say you had a friend and her name was Oprah, exactly? Ms. Winfrey that is. Would you use her PR networks to achieve what you needed?

Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Obama enlisted the PR powers of his good friend Oprah and took PR networking to a new level. She is considered one of the most powerful women and if not the most powerful woman on the planet.

How often do you hear people say I saw it on Oprah? Once this trend spread Oprah became a trusted source of information. More than 8 million people watch Oprah’s show and more than 2 million people read her magazine.

When Oprah made the statement that Barack Obama was her personal choice! Get ready world PR networking made a new impact and people stopped to take a look at this incredible man. Because the Queen said so! And not to take away from Barack Obama, when Oprah stakes her claim on you it is understood that you better be for real. After all when Oprah endorses she puts her name and reputation on the line.

Author James Frey found himself broken down in a million little pieces when he conned Oprah. This is something you JUST don’t do and get away with it. Frey’s book “A Million Little Pieces” turned into a top seller in 2005 after an Oprah endorsement. As soon as she discovered it was a FAKE! Oprah took back her endorsement and YES Oprah will take back her endorsement!

Talk show host challenges ‘Million Little Pieces’ writer

Last night on The Apprentice, former Playmate of the Year Tiffany Fallon was fired in the first cut for not using her PR networks.


It comes down to, should PR networks be used? Even better when is it okay to use PR networks? The one thing we do know is that PR networking is a powerful tool. Trump seems to think that former Playmate of the Year Tiffany had one of the best PR networks in the entire bunch. Even stressing to her that had she told Hugh Hefner she needed a charity donation for $5000, he would have responded I would give you $100,000! Sounds like the Donald knows what kind of PR networks he has and when to use them.

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