You may not like or even love Vogue editor Anna Wintour but when it comes to fashion PR she is Oprah. Her endorsement in the fashion industry can contribute to the successes of becoming a fashion powerhouse.

Anna’s endorsement is the most sought and fashion shows won’t get started until she takes her front row seat. One way for brands to capture Anna’s attention is to follow the target audience of Vogue magazine. What interests their target audiences, trends, etc.

If you want media attention the best way to get it will be to match your brand to what interests the target audience of the media outlet. One solution would be to actually read Vogue, visit their website, social media sites, etc. You would be surprised as to how many people want attention of certain media publications but yet don’t understand the profile of what interests the target audience.

Stop trying to get the attention of Anna Wintour but start trying to get the attention of what interests Vogue audiences. Give fashion editors what they need!

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