One subject still controls Hollywood. If you have an issue with it you will make headlines. The biggest publicity buzzer of all times is still weight. The subject matter can bring even the worst careers back to life or to an early grave.

Consider Oprah Winfrey’s weight saga, up or down always big news headlines. Kim Kardashian took on the subject matter of weight recently, by saying NO big deal. However, the press had a field day with Kim photos having to be retouched.

Kathy Ireland, former Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl openly admitted to having problems with weight. She explained to People about how she felt when her son noticed her weight.

“He said ‘Mom, you look pregnant,’ ” Ireland tells PEOPLE in its latest issue.”I didn’t recognize the person I saw. I saw someone who looked overwhelmed, overstressed, overweight, over-everything.”

I want to understand why is weight such a big publicity buzz? Do we live in a society that controlled by a person’s appearance?

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