During an economic recession the one thing that luxury brands should be doing is communicating with target audiences. It is important to let consumers know that you plan to endure the downtime and that they can certainly depend on your luxury brand to be around after the recession is long gone.

Actually, positioning yourself as an industry leader and expert will add value to your brand’s creditability. Most businesses react to economic downtimes by cutting back on PR services, a very big mistake. Right now is the time to turn up the publicity volume.

Top Five Surefire Ways to Sustain Using PR

1. Press Releases

Make press announcements about news events and happenings. Press releases storylines are often pickup by newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio stations, social media outlets and more.

2. Social Media Campaigns

Online branding using social media websites can create a strong brand buzz.

3. Twitter PR

Use Twitter.com to attract followers for direct advertising, referrals, and promotions.


4. Bonus Referrals

Offer customers bonuses and rewards for referrals.

5. Publicity Promotions

Publicity promotions adds value to the creditability of the brand.

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