Lately, Mosnar Communications, Inc has been doing some consulting on what steps luxury brands should be taking to sustain their brand image during the economic downtime. The most common question that luxury brands want to know is why should we care about getting in luxury blogs?

Luxury blogs are to luxury brands what creditability is to publicity. For those marketers who still don’t get it, luxury blogs hold a lot of creditability among the influences of luxury consumers when making purchasing decisions.

As a luxury PR firm we have found that certain luxury blogs have added value to help make luxury brands more credible. The reporting style and topics of the luxury blog remains a major factor and respected by consumers as well as the media.

Top Five Luxury Blogs with Creditability

1. – When is comes to understanding how to report on luxury and define luxury lifestyle reviews is the leader of the pack. No surprise is highly respected among other luxury blogs who most often pickup the same storylines and products reviews.

2. – This blogs holds the largest global creditability and for good reason. gives the most exclusive personal inside look into luxury lifestyles.

3. – The most included blog wish list for every luxury brand. captures the best about any and every thing luxury.

4. – Is a leader among top search rank for luxury blogs. creditability is almost a fantasy report on luxury. often reports on luxury store closings, luxury scandals, etc.

5. – Known as the online luxury magazine. Creditability for trusted luxury reviews and daily luxury news updates.

Making these top five luxury blogs a target can help any luxury brand build creditability to sustain their brand image during the economic downtime. Better start planning and pitching.

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