I especially like to personalize gifts by making them one of a kind. Today I am assisting my cousin with making a luxury gift basket, her first and my 1001. To let you know how much thought I actually put in a luxury gift basket I organize a theme.

Take for example my daughter attended a birthday party where the little girl was turning 3! So we prepared what I call my Big Girl Luxury Basket. Inside we stuffed the basket with a cute little stuffed animal that was also a purse, some sweets, and pack of designer panties.

Today the luxury gift basket is for an older lady who is retiring from a school. So we want to make our theme uplifting and fun.

Our basket ideas:

1. Natural Soaps! We recommend http://www.sunfeather.com/
2. A gift card to a Luxury Spa! Pick one in your area
3. Fancy Chocolates! We recommend http://www.marsatta.com/
4. List of FUN things to Do! Select from your area location
5. Luxury Slippers! We recommend http://www.barefootbling.com/luxury-slippers.html

Hope you have tons of fun making your luxury basket!

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