First off let me clarify and define what is black wealthy. What is not talked about is the segregation among the black wealthy. You see class and status matters a lot in the black community and those who achieve wealth through family relations and education don’t consider themselves in the same class with entertainers and athletes.

I have spent most of my life studying sociology and communications, so I became interested in luxury from a behavior perspective. The primary reason I am a luxury PR publicist. The top wealthiest people in the world actually discriminate on different guidelines and that is an entirely different blog post (coming soon).

Staying on track, the reality television black wealthy you see on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta does not even represent the black wealthy of Atlanta. In no comparison many of the wealthy in Atlanta are chiefly educated and closely connected with exclusive distinguished organizations and churches. Might I also add they are VERY well spoken, they are VERY WELL Spoken!

Just a little history Atlanta is considered the founding place where black wealth evolved and the history connection is still very present today. Without the rise of black middle and upper class in Atlanta it may not have been possible for black wealthy people to form.

Top Ten Black Wealthy Online Hangouts:

1. Essence

2. Black Enterprise

3. Lakewood Church Yes wealthy black people LOVE Joel!!

4. Black Business Women Online

5. TD Jakes

6. New Birth

7. World Changes Church International

8. The Links Incorporated

9. Jack and Jill of America, Inc

10. (New Network)


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