So who are the most powerful black people online anyways? When it comes to Internet branding there are many things to consider such as Alexa ranking, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Youtube views, Google presence and page rank, etc. The list just goes on and on.

Here is a breakdown of the most powerful black people online. Some people may have made the list because of their exposure on social media sites and building popularity in social media is powerful. To make the cut because of Twitter they must have strong Tweet value, ranking among the top percent of Twitter profiles.

Hats off to Soulja Boy who started out as a social media star and emerged his brand into a household name. While he does have over a million Twitter followers, Soulija Boy made the list for his overall brand presence like Beyonce Knowles.

Who is Fred Mwangaguhunga? The most powerful black person online! Thanks to his website the strongest black website online, yes more powerful than BET.

Top Ten Most Powerful Black People Online:

1. Fred Mwangaguhunga –

2. Oprah Winfrey –

3. Russell Simmons –

4. Beyonce Knowles –

5. Tied
Diddy – Twitter

Shaquille O’Neal – Twitter

6. Tiger Woods –

7. Soulja Boy –

8. Antonio “L.A.” Reid –

9. Levar Burton – Twitter

10. John Legend – Twitter

If you feel that a certain person or website was left OFF the list it was only because they did NOT make the Top Ten.

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  1. Yosef says:

    Interesting list. I think 2010 we'll see Russell Simmons' company The Global Grind "TakeOut" MediaTakeOut.

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