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Diddy Announce CÎROC Summer Colada Limited Edition On Instagram MosnarCommunications

Diddy Announce CÎROC Summer Colada Limited Edition On Instagram

Diddy is excited about the return of CÎROC Summer Colada, limited edition return just in time for summer. The fear of loss is real, because this “coconut collaboration” is only available for a limited time. CÎROC Summer Colada Time to put in orders for CÎROC Summer Colada before it’s gone! Announcement from the best pitchman on the planet, …

Rihanna Proves She Is The Baddest Beauty Media Expert

Rihanna proves once again that she is the baddest by living up to her bad girl dominance. After stunning the world with her Fenty Beauty launch and owning the beauty industry at hello… BadGalRiRi, didn’t even pause and quickly teased the world with her upcoming Fenty Beauty Holiday Galaxy Collection 2017 on Instagram! In no time BadGalRiRi had the world …

KKW Beauty Contour Kits

KKW Beauty is getting ready to introduce the world to Contour Kits! Kim Kardashian West is ready to share her signature trade skills for how-to contour beauty with the world. KKW Beauty is set to launch June 21, 2017 and everyone is anticipating a war between Kim’s contour kits against her younger sister Kylie’s beauty empire …