Want to know where the most wanted luxury cars are in Beverly Hills? For Beverly Hills, the residential neighborhoods offer some of the most decorated holiday light displays. If you want to experience this in a truly unique way, try renting a Tesla S Sedan. The vehicle is all-electric, and the low volume hum is perfect for slowly cruising down the festive streets.


Throughout Los Angeles, many free events and things to do that are holiday themed pop up, and with the Tesla S’s 416 hp (310 kW) rear-mounted electric motor, it has plenty of power to glide over the freeways to check out these long-distance destinations.

Theme parks such as Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm have tons of Christmas infused themes and shows, and parades abound like the Hollywood Christmas Parade, the Rose Parade, and even boat parades in Marina Del Rey and Long Beach.Downtown Los Angeles has a skating rink in Pershing Square, and the theaters feature holiday plays and concerts.

Driving a Tesla S Sedan to these venues is like icing on the cake for the overall experience. The vehicle is of magnificent design and melds the best of technology and power applications with safety to create a complete sedan that will likely be a landmark in automotive history.

The vehicle produces zero emissions, and is powered fully by an electric battery. The result is a powerful, yet quiet ride that comforts you in all the amenities of a premium luxury sedan, like leather seating, ergonomic dash design, and a brand new 17-inch touch-screen display that puts entire control of vehicle features right at your fingertips.

There is an extra large sun roof that makes for an almost convertible-like experience when open. Perfect for enjoying the view of decorated neighborhoods and city buildings.

MPG Car Rental is one of the largest providers of green vehicles for rent in the southern California area. And now with its recent opening of Beverly Hills Tesla, it is the largest provider of Tesla S rentals in Los Angeles. The company stands by its commitment to green energy vehicles, offering the latest hybrids and electric vehicles ranging from small cars to larger SUVs, and prides itself in its customer service and ease of booking.

For more information, go to www.mpgcarrental.com, or call (877) 870-7821.

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