I am always captured by those who get it right when it comes to luxury branding and promotions. These days the economic recession has made it easy to identify the real from the fake. And we thought the recession was all bad.
How about branding water and putting the world’s most expensive price tag on water? That’s just what Kevin G. Boyd did for his luxury water Bling H2O, notice I said luxury water. Thanks to Kevin we can now all celebrate luxury water. Average of about $44 a bottle.
His marketing strategy:
Making his water a luxury brand! Focusing on distribution of limited editions, yes we are still talking water. Boyd has gained massive publicity focusing around his price points which has allowed for inclusions about the quality of his luxury water.
Bling H2O holds credibility for brand awareness as the best luxury water in the world.  No wonder Boyd has celebrities drinking his water.
Introducing the first entry of the new, Dubai Collection
The Dubai Collection “The Ten Thousand” a price tag of $2,600.00
“The Ten Thousand” bottles are all custom made to order, numbered and come with white handling gloves and case.
Kevin G. Boyd next move is to target 13 to 21 year olds with a new drink that is called Turned Up, with a price point starting at $1.60. I am sure it will be a real hit for the target audience!
Build a luxury PR brand first and everything else will follow.

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