Most big companies and small businesses are worried about one thing. They all are worrying about what to do about a recession! The most dreaded word in any economy is a recession and looks like we are headed straight toward one without any recourse.
The new strategic plan for the credit crunch is launching “Recession PR” campaigns. In the wake of the financial crisis PR firms are stepping up and taking charge. Why not, during times like these communications are vital.

Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, rushed to Downing Street for talks on the financial crisis. King offered support to control the crisis; revealing that both Ogilvy UK and Brighter PR are developing initiatives.

Ogilvy UK is developing a package of offerings aimed at companies hit by the credit crunch. Meanwhile, Brighter Group is creating a credit-crunch PR solution called Brighter Lite for “overstretched in-house departments.”

Bill Gates, the master of public relations once said “If I were down to my last dollar I would spend it on PR.” Those companies in financial trouble really should take Gates words of wisdom. During economic downtimes companies must turn up the volume to increase brand awareness.

All companies need PR, especially leading into a recession. Many doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. can even use the benefits of PR. When offering professional services those businesses who build strong brands through communications and community support will thrive.

PR, also known as public relations is how you communicate with the public. You need a strategic plan and approach to deliver your media message.

In business you often find yourself in three stages of life, you are in a recession or depression, going into a recession or depression, or coming out of a recession or depression. The key is learning how to weather the storm from, of, and during a recession or depression. The most important thing to remember is that attitude often controls the mood to be successful or not. The theory “keep your head up” holds true. Continue to communicate with your target audience, find out what they need and want. Show that you do care by offering solutions that will help the situation. Come up with resources that add-value to what your target audience needs and implement plans of actions.

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