The brand message of Christmas has always been about giving! A special day to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus with no stops! Giving top luxury gift items and expressing a sprit of generosity. However, with the economic downtime will people still give luxury gifts? Will people give gifts at all?

I sure hope so! Smart luxury marketers should not be sitting around hoping people will decide to give luxury gifts for Christmas. Instead they need to be communicating with consumers right now, targeting those individuals who feel that Christmas is a luxury gift giving time.
Five Tips to Boost Holiday PR Campaigns Success
It’s that time of the year to give thanks for good cheer! During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons most businesses have the best time to increase revenue and profit earnings. Public relations campaigns are usually launched by the masses during the holiday seasons and standing out in the crowd requires strategic planning and persistence.
The one great thing about the November and December holiday seasons is that people usually feel generous during this particular time of the year. Public relations campaigns that key in on emotions can quickly receive massive publicity equity returns.
Here is how-to launch good spirits holiday PR campaigns:
1. Express Themes – Draw attention to Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons and make sure that your PR campaigns expresses the emotions for the holiday seasons.
2. Pretty Packaging – Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons are mostly known for glitz and glam! Pretty up brochures, packaging, etc.
3. Holiday Publications – Aim for and target top publications that are widely promoted and displayed during the holiday seasons.
4. Customize Campaigns – Create specialized seasonal holiday websites, blogs etc.
5. Holiday Appreciations – Show off seasonal holiday spirits by offering special promotions, rewards, gifts, and discounts.
Capturing the essence of the holiday seasons and increasing profit margins presents winning solutions for public relations campaigns. During this time of the year competition among PR campaigns become extremely competitive. Stay in good taste and you will always out shine the competition every single time. Wishing you the best success for wonderful upcoming holiday seasons and the best year yet!
“CR” Cataunya Ransom is the Co-founder of Mosnar Communications, INC. She developed a niche for Luxury PR & Global Marketing. Guiding clients on how to brand, market, and promote luxury products, events, and services. Highly respected as a luxury public relations expert! “CR” consults clients and speaks to audiences about luxury public relations and global marketing practices.

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