It might be safe to say that Apple will not catch up with Samsung to compete in a premium brand strategy market. Keep in mind that luxury was never for the masses. Apple just became wildly successful at producing mass and quality luxury. Partly because Steve Jobs served as such a superior leader understanding the luxury brand vision. Making Apple a highly sought after one of a kind luxury brand.


With the sad death of Steve Jobs, now Apple's luxury luster has shifted. While I am still loyal to my iPod, iPhone and iPad. Yes, I am an Apple junkie by luxury brand trade. Samsung took advantage of Apple's luxury brand decline and create an amazing premium brand strategy. It was a smart move to serve this market with quality technology that was under served for so long. There is really no room for Apple to win this audience.

Earth Day Luxury Brands

Could Apple be focusing on a fashion brand strategy market? It would make sense and certainly could work. Luxury technology and design is one market in huge demand. What signs do we have that Apple is moving in this direction? Well, for one Apple named Paul Deneve as Vice President at Apple. Naming Yves Saint Laurent's CEO as Vice President signals that Apple is moving fashion designer forward. Deneve will report to Apple's chief Tim Cook.


What Apple has done so well is create a luxury brand lifestyle for technology. To dress up their luxury brand luster in a fashion sense will be a new challenge. Fashion is designer focused and design audiences can be picker.


I can tell you this, Apple had me at hello. Who would not want to rock fashion technology and design by Apple?

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