What Is Luxury PR

While many credit me as a luxury PR expert and guru. I really don’t proclaim to be any of those titles, I study luxury PR lifestyle. Few people understand that there is a vast difference when it comes to luxury brand public relations representation. If you have a luxury brand it is in your best interest to work with individuals who are experienced in the area of luxury public relations. However, the problem is many public relations firms will purport to have experience in luxury brand representation but lack expertise with understanding luxury PR lifestyle.

You see luxury is a perception and what influences your lifestyle impacts quality of life experiences. Luxury PR as luxury public relations is often referred to requires a certain level of knowledge and experience. Consumers who purchase luxury goods, products, and services buy for entirely different reasons than average consumers. For this very reason luxury goods, products, and services are lifestyle brands.

Consider the cost of luxury products which is not a factor for luxury consumers. The chief reason that luxury consumers buy is because of exclusivity and inaccessibility to the masses. Call it the snob factor but it is true people with money will pay any cost to get what they want or think that others can’t afford. By just having money will not always gain you access to some luxury brands either.

Not that I watch reality television, well I admit it I do just don’t repeat it. Some well known reality stars can’t gain access to varies luxury brand products before they hit the marketplace. A-List celebrities are often gifted luxury goods, products, and services long before they become available to the general public. This is known as “seeding” a tactic used to create a demand in the marketplace.

So you have a luxury product or service you need to promote what next?

First step

A luxury PR campaign can help to increase brand awareness. This will help with the credibility of your luxury brand and sustainability as well. The focus should be on addressing communications to your target audience in a strategic approach. Here is where you build a mutual relationship and develop a win-win strategy. I like to think of luxury PR communications as an effort to engage target audiences.

Second step

The process of delivery is how you can influence and control your luxury brand’s image. Developing pitch proposals that are matched to luxury related media. This is a one-way communications where you pitch and promote your luxury brand to gain media exposure.

Third step

Build relationships to benefit your luxury brand value. Gaining endorsements from industry leaders and product placement helps to raise brand awareness. Influence public support for your luxury goods, products, and services.

Now that you understand luxury PR better using these steps will help you with influential control. These tactics assist with strengthening your image and publicity equity to become a global brand leader.

This article was written by CR Cataunya Ransom, co-founder of MosnarCommunications.com .

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