I can remember when Elizabeth Taylor came out with her celebrity perfume, boy how excited I was. Maybe because the competition among celebs pushing perfume was not like it is today. Seems like every celebrity from A-List to D-List has a perfume or has one coming soon.

Sadly, the perfume industry was never ever meant to have as many scents as we have today. So what really makes scents luxury today? Seriously it takes more than just attaching a celebrity name or even a reputable luxury brand? Scents are different and luxury marketers have to really think about how to approach launching a perfume line.

What does Jimmy Choo know about perfume? Certainly they know a lot about luxury shoes, even able to still have a best selling shoe around $1,300 in a recession market! I guess Jimmy Choo feels like they know as much about perfume as everyone else entering the game. Actually Jimmy Choo is working on diversification in efforts to position their brand as a global luxury brand across product category and geography.

As their perfume is under development also expect to see branded accessories such as jewelry, watches, plus swimwear.

How does Kim Kardashian’s upcoming perfume launch in 2010 impact the perfume market? When it comes to luxury scents is luxury best represented by a luxury brand or high profile celebrity? Remember luxury is a perception and perfume is somewhat like a stylist, often selected by preference and never cost.

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