Tricky of treats is what is playing with their branding image. One of the largest and MOST successful online retailers may have taken the biggest risk ever. Seems like wants to be known as the online retailer who challenged Barack Obama’s popularity? Now, that could possibly be the worst PR move ever. They could have simply asked Hillary Clinton why this would be a very bad PR move. listed Sen. Barack Obama mask under Terrorist! No mistakes the most successful online retailer sold bundles of Barack Obama masks under terrorist costumes. However, once found out they jumped in to remove the page. However, NOT before the LA Times Blog caught a caption of their page!

Check it out right here

I can see Obama supporters calling for a boycott of! How could this impact the holiday sales of Sounds like they better jump in fast gear and start some PR crisis of their own really quick. Obama supporters are not likely to let this one just slip by. Poor just got caught in the crossfire. After all it is too late in the game for to get political with no mission, cause, endorsements, etc.!

Please don’t stress Amazon just call on us and we can help you whip your PR plan back into shape real fast. If you don’t get PR help from us, please get help from somebody!

The worst PR move in this election now goes to not even a contender or platform.

$49.95 for a Barack Obama mask!

A Hillary Clinton mask is going for only $6.95 (down from $12.99). Even with her 18 million votes. The Sarah Palin mask, however, is going for $25 (Deluxe versions cost 98 cents more, but it’s eligible for free shipping).

The Joe Biden T-shirts and lifesize cutouts (sorry, no mask) have been marked down. The John McCain page offers paper masks for 99 cents and a rubber one for $12.90 (marked down from $16.99).

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