Sadly, my days at are soon coming to an end. However, this is the beginning of something really exciting and great. became the go to place for luxury PR engagement and building credibility. Which we still see a strong market for a luxury PR focused portal to bring this type of valuable information. Hint, yes we are putting on the auction block.

For the last several years now personally I have been searching for something new and exciting that would include luxury and also technology. Like the saying goes if you want something done right you have to invent it yourself. So that we did, Introducing our new baby !

While on the surface it may seem very simple but in detail it solves so many problems in the luxury industry and technology just for luxury. The major problem for delivering brand awareness in the luxury industry was just too much fluff. No real interesting storylines that were newsworthy and far too much advertising copy dressed up as news. Made me sick!

So we envisioned a world to create a luxury aggregator that would deliver true authentic content from the very best of the best luxury sources. Adding technology that allows the content to be updated real-time as it happens! All in one place…. A new online experience. Taking our expertise of luxury and knowing how to engage luxury consumers to a new level.

The experience for the luxury consumer will be better resource to identify luxury goods and services in the marketplace. Hence the name and trademark Luxury Diffusion™ !

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