Apparently, the Republican National Committee put their PR campaign to win Joe The Plumber on hold. Maybe in their minds they haven’t but certainly the fashion image of Gov. Sarah Palin is not the best PR move. Just how disconnected are they? is reporting the Republican National Committee has spent more than $150,000 on clothes and accessories for Palin and her family!

Spending records filed with the Federal Election Commission and obtained by Politico show the RNC paid for “campaign accessories” from upscale department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, where nearly $50,000 was spent, Neiman Marcus, $75,000, and $4,700for hair and makeup.

“The problem with this for the campaign,” explains Politico Chief Political Writer Mike Allen, “is it’s the kind of thing that can stick in people’s minds. At a time when they’re cutting back on their own spending, they see a candidate looking extravagant.”

Can all this luxury help Palin’s image? The main thing is how can Palin connect with Joe The Plumber during these hard economic times?

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