Even A-List stars are starving for press and publicity. Looks like the economy is taking tool on everyone and A-List celebrities need to make headlines. However, those in Hollywood know that you must continue to make news in order to stay news. Not everyone is lucky as Suri Cruise to have news reported for doing absolutely nothing.

Usher’s camp is so desperate for publicity that gossip columnist Jawn Murray from AOL Black Voices says he received a phone call from a friend of Usher’s wife Tameka Foster-Raymond, who claimed to have information about Usher actually cheating with singer Kelly Rowland.
Angelina Jolie recently put her whole foot in her mouth during a press interview! Jolie confessed in an interview to the New York Times that she and Brad found love on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, which was in 2004. That would mean that Pitt would have still been married to Aniston at the time.
P. Diddy had everyone feeling like he was feeling the economic wows! He grabbed tons of publicity and media attention when he announced that he had to fly commercial over using his private jet because of the credit crunch, gas prices!

However, it was found out the Diddy does NOT even own a private jet, sure he could if he wanted to. The fact is he lied and this publicity stunt went all wrong.

Jade Goody may have gone just a little too far with her publicity demand. Goody may not be suffering from cancer after all, which her PR team wants us to believe differently.
Goody was exposed for having too much fun with cancer! News related articles stress, If anyone really had cancer they would not be up and about like Jade on photoshoots day and night, partying, holidays and major PR campaigns.
The verdict is still out on this one but if found untrue would have to be the worst PR stunt gone wrong ever for bad ethics.
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