Only a 1.2 million dollar price tag is what makes the Aston Martin One-77 the World’s Most Expensive Car. Leave it up to Aston Martin to put the extravagance back in luxury, which the luxury industry is starving to find ground.

For a second I was really starting to get worried, it looked like most high-end luxury marketers were thinking about sitting the economic downtime out! With talk of a recession, high-end luxury marketers started to believe all of the doom and gloom. This is why it is so important for high-end luxury marketers to communicate with their target audiences. While, mostly everyone is still affected by the economic downturn, very wealthy individuals can still afford to make these types of purchases.
Why are wealthy individuals cutting back on spending and not making high-end over the top luxury purchases? Well, the luxury industry is not enforcing media campaigns to encourage wealthy individuals to make such purchases!

So on behalf of the luxury industry, the economy and the global universe; wealthy people please go out and buy an Aston Martin One-77!! You can certainly afford it and it is okay to treat yourself. This very purchase will even help to jumpstart the economy.

For those husbands who may be in the doghouse, why not purchase matching his and hers Aston Martin One-77 sets! What a great idea for a holiday campaign to get out of the doghouse. Aston Martin One-77, Get Out of the Doghouse Forever!

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