Okay, I admit I try to follow those who also follow me on Twitter. Now, I have to wonder is that really wise? This year I plan to use Twitter differently. I am only interested in following those that offer meaning to my goals. By that I mean, ONLY if you are a match for my purposes driven will I follow you.

Let’s face it we are in a recession and things will get worst before they are going to get better. The smartest thing that every PR professional can do is use time wisely. I consider time my most valuable asset and I need to leverage my ROI. No longer can I follow those on Twitter who will lead me nowhere or serve no purpose. I have Stumbleupon to build my network clicks!

Next I plan to get my Twitter act together. It is time that I look through my Twitter followings and start parting ways. Yep, I got to do it! During these economic times we must use social media as an added value resource. Making the most out of my Twitter relations is what will best help me succeed.

So, am I worried about those who will no longer follow me? I am most worried about those who are not a match for my purposes driven.

However, if Tom Cruise follows me I plan to follow him!

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