Despite what you might have heard about the future of blogs dying. Worry not the future for good blogs still looks really bright for 2010 and beyond. While social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc offer micro-blogging provide faster real-time communications, blogs are still needed to add value for subject matters.

The cultural of blogging is likely to remain the same even if the name disappears. Blogs as titled today offer a communications cultural of sharing and expression. This adds value to social media networking and makes blogging sustainable. Rarely do you see a trending social media topic not attached to a shorten URL detailing the subject matter being shared.

“I feel 2010 will be the most remarkable year for blogging,” stated CR Cataunya Ransom, Lead Publicist Mosnar Communications, Inc.

So how will blogs become more marketable in 2010?

Get Real-time Interactive – Blogs will need to get real-time interactive. Cover subject matters that are tending topics in the moment and add new twists to share from personal expressions.

Provide Newsworthy Expression – Gone are the days of blogging in the “Because I Feel So” manner. Blogs will need to be more newsworthy expressive to engage audiences.

Niche Specialization Expression – Learning how to attract niche audiences will be what will make or break many blogs in 2010. Competition for blogging will be extremely competitive in 2010 and blogs will need to standout in the crowd.

I am excited about what 2010 will hold for the practice of blogging. And if you still have YET to incorporate a blog in your business model make sure that you do in 2010.

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