Well, the concept to connect journalists, analysts, and bloggers together is certainly a refreshing idea. MicroPR is the brainchild of Brian Solis, Principal of FutureWorks PR and Stowe Boyd.

Just how does it work?

According to Solis here is how it goes:

For Bloggers, journalists, analysts, when you need help with a story:

1. Send a public message on twitter to @MicroPR.

2. Your tweet will automatically retweet from the MicroPR account to the PR and communications professionals monitoring the stream or the feed.

3. A knowledgeable PR person following the #MicroPR feed will see your individual request and respond directly via your preferred channel.

Basically, you’re inviting the community to help crowdsource elements of your story to streamline the process of story development, reducing research time and improving its quality and accuracy.

Tip: try to keep your request under 140 characters as the Twitter community may also retweet your request through their personal accounts.

Tip #2: Share @micropr with your entire editorial department and community. The process will only improve the more you use it.

For Public Relations Professionals, either follow MicroPR or subscribe to the RSS feed on Twitter. You can also run active searches for “@MicroPR” on Search.Twitter.com or TweetScan.

My concern is what kind of impact this may have on reporters who may not want to share their story ideas with competing publications or even publicly for that matter?

The real test will be PR Pros and just how smart they will be when it comes to using this resourceful information. This truly presents an opportunity for PR Pros to use a strategic plan and approach to connect with media outlets. Using the technology is FREE so it allows for PR Pros to really be able to get some top publicity exposure for their clients.

However, the major test will be how Smart will PR Pros be when it comes to using MicroPR? Those who get it will advance their clients publicity exposure tremendously and those who miss will hurt the concept of MicroPR.

Some top PR firms still don’t get web 2.0, what will make MicroPR any differently?

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