We all remember and love the original cast of Beverly Hills 90210. But I must say that was the 90’s and now fans seek reality drama. Actually, the new 90210 launch announcements started with some real reality drama by Tori Spelling backing out because of rumors that her pay was not equal to Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth. I thought here we go again! This must be the oldest running T.V. feud in history, after all these three have been fighting since their teen years.

Moving on, the new cast of West Beverly Hills High School will take us into their fancy designer homes, high tech blog communications, super style parties, fabulous shopping sprees and heart break adventures.

Will generations of today be able to relate? Can the new 90210 live up to the hype to appeal to audiences of today? My take is that the producers are hoping that bringing back old familiar faces will encourage fans of yesterday to tune in and the new show theme concept will attract new audiences. I feel that a very bad move was not to bring back Tori Spelling! What is Kelly a.k.a Jennie Garth without her BFF!!

No real reality but with reality experiences the new 90210 opens with a two-hour premiere on Tuesday, September 2 that will repeat at 7 p.m. Thursday. Viewers can also catch 24 hours of “Beverly Hills, 90210” on SoapNet.

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