Digital media was in full force in 2009, I mean really! So let’s take a look at some of the strongest branding influences that went viral this year. Babies were the big winners who managed to keep us engaged. Should we expect to see more kid endorsements in 2010?

Do you remember where you were when you may have received any of these influencing links that made you click!

Susan Boyle shows the world that she can sing and makes everyone love the sound of music! Brand Influencer: Britain’s Got Talent

Evian presents babies on rollers, if we drink a little of their water we might get some of these moves too. Brand Influencer: Evian Water

Beyonce made babies want to dance without even targeting them! Brand Influencer: Beyonce Knowles

A movie trailer targeted toward teenage audiences became a big scary hit. Brand Influencer: New Moon Movie

Posting notes went animated and made us all want to toss some post-it notes in our carts. Brand Influencer: Post-It Notes

Legos turned into action figures with some help from Matrix. Brand Influencer: Matrix Legos

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