The launch of Artopz Minitopz was a big hit worldwide and you can expect even bigger things to come in 2010! Mosnar Communications had the pleasure to assist the company with their history making Minitopz, the world’s first desk lamp PC.

What do they offer, you ask?

Minitopz desk lamp PC provides the latest computer technology through exclusive designs, luxury materials, and innovative lighting components. An experience that allows you to create technology in design!

Special media review highlights:

Engadget acknowledges that they are “enamored” with Artopz Minitopz, actually considers it “impressively specced”

Geeky-Gadgets relates the “Artopz Minitopz is clearly a work of art. Unlike the traditional desktop computers”

PC Launches reveals “The Minitopz desk lamp PC not only boast of a unique designed, but also provides top-grade specification”

New Launches stress “the most interesting thing about this machine (as you can make out from the image) is its design — it looks like a lamp!”

The press release went out Friday afternoon, using the Mosnar Communications special pitch and promotion formula (can’t reveal the formula, it’s a secret would have to kill you). In just 48 hours Minitopz was being featured and picked up by over a hundred credible tech related blogs globally. I am happy to report the majority of the blog reviews were mostly positive. Although there were some tech bloggers who thought Minitopz were overpriced!

Here is what Gorm Aaen, CEO of Artopz had to say about the price point:

“Actually the only thing that repeatedly got slammed was the price point of $2300-$2700. This again was not unexpected , but I’m still a little surprised just how much focus the price point actually received. The disappointing part is that several ‘tech bloggers’ obviously did not review the Minitopz tech specs and would, directly or indirectly, compare the Minitopz with the standard $300 nettops….I would challenge these dear fellow techies to build or buy a mini-ITX PC with the same specs as the Minitopz for under $1000 (just the 128Gb SSD alone currently sits at around $300 retail). I know!…we are still sitting at more than double that , so what’s up? Well, the ‘case’ of the Minitopz is made from high quality materials, like the the aluminum base, CNC cut from two blocks of air craft grade aluminum (not cheap) or the accent light panel, where we could have used cheap EL sheets but instead developed fiber optic light panels lit with 5mm LEDs (stronger color, longer life…but not cheap), or the the very unique shape of the PC pod, using CNC cut, vacuum formed, polymer shells (not cheap), and an internal aluminum mounting block/heat sink (not cheap). Combined these material and technology choices gives you a high quality product, which is very unique (and very quiet) but still uses standard computer components..all easily accessible (it takes me about 55secs to take out the optical drive and install a new one…and I’ don’t build these things all day!) Let me put it another way…we are not making a killing on the Minitopz and I actually think you are getting a good value for you money with the Minitopz. I really do.”

So now I hope this clears things up for everyone! Thanks to all the tech blogs who thought Minitopz was newsworthy enough to cover. I sincerely wish you and your families a very Happy Holidays.

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