If I were to bet on the game I would bet that NBC is not going to win new viewers to watch their struggling prime-time lineup. NBC may not even understand the message of NEW media delivery. Moving forward, NBC is banking heavily on advertising during the Super Bowl. For the first time in 11 years the network will show the game which is usually the nation’s most watched event.

NBC will receive a $30 million dollar value which they plan to use to promote their struggling prime-time lineup. The only thing is that NBC forgot to pitch and promote a PR campaign WHY we should watch their struggling prime-time lineup! PR is how you communicate with the public using a strategic plan and approach. Remember it was Bill Gates who said if he was down to his last dime he would spend it on PR.

During this economic downtime it is necessary for networks to connect with their target audiences. Will the Super Bowl have the audience that NBC is seeking to watch their prime-time shows? I don’t like football but I LOVE Super Bowl parties, so that answer is YES. The only problem is NBC forgot to connect with the audience through media resources WHY we should be watching NBC.

A $30 Million Dollar missed opportunity!

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