I read an article the other day that Beyonce and Jay-Z are obsessed with modern art and Jay-Z now even considers himself a critic. This should let many brands know targeting the affluent black market now requires some major class. We recently talked about the growth of fine black art as a recession investment during a post on this blog.

Top Five Ways How to Pitch Luxury to Affluent Black Consumers in a Recession?

Referral Rewards:

Pitching affluent black consumers is NOT a hard sale if it is done right even in a recession. If it is not done right you can truly forget about ever connecting with black consumers. Marketers must understand the influence of referrals in the black community and how affluent blacks value recommendations. It is an elite circle and rewards for referrals can spark a word of mouth campaign to travel fast!

Church Promotions:

Those in politics have long understood the value of Church alliances in the black community and among affluent black consumers. The Church in a recession is a strong influence and even a media resource for promotions. Church memberships and networks can reach thousands and millions. Churches are always and I mean always looking for fundraisers.

Not talked about in history but the first female self-made millionaire Madam C.J. Walker formed strategic alliances with churches that awarded a strong endorsement of her products.

Avoid Stereotypes: Research! Research!

To pitch affluent black consumers please stop using stereotypes! When it comes to this so many marketers get it wrong almost 90% of the time. It is important to profile the affluent black consumer and not only why they buy but what they like to buy! Research is very necessary to reach affluent black consumers in a recession.

Online Niches:

There are many popular blogs and websites that affluent black consumers rely on for advice and information. While some of the websites may not have a surplus of millions of viewers targeting sites that can produce unique visitors of 50 or more daily is an asset for targeting niches to reach affluent black consumers.

Here is an example: www.TopAtlantaLuxury.com

This website focuses on Atlanta luxury and ranks #1 on Google for key search words Atlanta luxury.

Popular Blogs and Websites:

Connecting with affluent blacks via popular blogs and websites is becoming a growing trend for advertisers. Marketers realize that affluent blacks are logging on to websites like www.mediatakeout.com and www.brownsista.com to name a few high traffic blogs.

My top pick is www.concreteloop.com this site always gets it right with facts!

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