Wow, ABC’s Primetime Wednesday night’s episode should make everyone in America mad enough to care and get involved to CALL for help if you see someone in trouble. Primetime revisited the tragedy that happened to Denise Amber Lee and how so many people could have helped and two who tried desperately to help.

Have people in America become so shallow and self involved that they are willing to let someone die pleading for help? Is a bond of kinship enough to see someone physically overpowering another person and just do nothing a reason to accept no guilt?

I watched the episode and learned about what Denise went through. I learned of her clever and brave attempts to even interact on with her killer; secretly talking into his cell phone while trying to track authorities to where she was. I could never imagine what had to be going through her head as she pleaded to not be harmed and begged to see her family again. I could not help but care and get very angry at those who had opportunities to help and did nothing. How can they sleep at night?

What had to be going through her mind, Denise was let down by so many people. You would have thought that the man accused of killing her Michael King’s cousin (Harold Muxlow) would have stopped his cousin from overpowering a helpless woman who wanted nothing to do with him. No instead he gives him a shovel and gas! Sounds like to me he was an accessory aiding in a murder!

The motorists who saw Denise pleading for help and did nothing have no accuses. Most killers will put those they abduct in a trunk for this very reason. However, Denise’s killer must have known that people in the location he was in would do nothing. The two people who got heavily involved were both females. Do males tend to not care when another male is hurting a woman?
Sabrina Muxlow, the 17-year-old daughter of Harold Muxlow, Michael King’s cousin called the police when he father told her what he saw. Sounds like a cover up to me and Harold Muxlow was much more involved then he is willing to say. Denise is the only person who could possibly tell us the answers.

The computer consultant from Tampa, Jane Kowalski who saw Denise struggling in the back seat of the car did everything she could to help including calling 911. However, the 911 dispatchers got it crossed to which one sent out the call. Which concludes that was Denise’s final chance and plea for help.

Hearing from Michael King’s ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Robb brings no real closure for Denise. Appears that Jennifer Robb had no clue about Michael; she painted a picture of a loving man that she still had feelings for. Although, DNA results and evidence taken from King’s North Port home indicates both blood and semen stains on a blanket could be those of King and Lee.

This media coverage should make you mad enough to care and call for help if you see someone in trouble! The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office did not accept responsibility properly for their errors that were the final cry for help from Denise. It was acknowledged that Denise’s father worked in the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office for over 20 years; what a horrible ending.

Have the courage to get involved if you see someone in need of help, please! Live by this, it is always better to be safe than sorry. One of the many rules my Mommy taught me.

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