Okay, I must admit it is very impressive to see people with hundreds and thousands of Twitter followers. The illusion that those with thousands of Twitter followers are really popular and leading their followers with informative information. This may not be so true for many Twitter users that I have examined.

Take for example if you sell rollerblades and you want to Tweet to those who share your same interest. The problem with Twitter spam from a PR perspective is that it is not organic and you generally don’t get followers true to your interest. With Twitter spam you are likely to pick up 100,000 senior citizens to send Tweets about rollerblades! Now, that’s a win-win?

Yep, that is just how off Twitter spam is at targeting your audience. For those marketers and BIG corporations who are paying tons of money for Tweets based off of followings you are missing the boat. Twitter users that Tweet on specific niches and subjects related to desired target audiences with at least 50 followers can be very effective. You get to speak to 50 people and deliver your message. Those 50 people tell 10 other people who often share the same interest and most often hold their referral in high regards. Now that is what you call a win-win.

Lesson learned here, it is NOT the number of Twitter followers (but should be no less than 50) it is the quality of Tweets to target your specific audience. As always quality trumps quantity.

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