Every successful company has a visionary leader and we are truly blessed to have a CEO that took Mosnar Communications, Inc to another level of PR. At a time when most PR firms are trying to find niches to help them sustain the economic downtime, we found our survival in standing out.

Our CEO Kyle Ransom, my business partner and husband (yes I am sleeping with my boss) wanted to farm luxury. Kyle is a strategic planner with extensive real estate investing and finance leadership skills so he applied many of the same techniques to our luxury PR firm.

What we discovered was in order to be a leading luxury PR firm we would have to report on luxury. So we launched Mosnar Communications Inc Blog and www.TopAtlantaLuxury.com .

As a result luxury brands turned to us for PR guidance and consulting. What was unexpected was that other PR firms would also turn to us for PR guidance! Then the ultimate breakthrough happened, PR firms started to pitch us to have their clients featured on our blogs!

The Mosnar Communications Inc Blog even caught Google’s eye and is a Google News Source. Over 99% of our blog posts are picked up on Google News. I serve as the chief editor for Mosnar Communications Inc Blog and truly believe our success comes from our ability to give luxury audiences real news. A downfall of luxury magazines and it will be necessary for luxury mags to learn how to speak to target audiences effectively.

Need a little help with communicating to luxury audiences? Send me an email in confidence to: postmaster @ mosnarcommunications.com

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