Okay I am obsessed with our new project that celebrates luxury lifestyles for children 12 and under. What is so capturing about the blog CharmPosh.com is that it focuses on luxury living for everyday children not just celebrity kids.

Yes you can also expect to see some famous celebrity kid faces every now and then. Take for example when little Nahla Aubry daughter to A-List actress Halle Berry started sporting her very own personalized water bottle, now that’s a hot trend. Charmposh.com gave advice on what personalized water bottles may be best for children.

Of course when Suri Cruise daughter to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes started wearing heels this was major news for tot girls! The questions had to be asked by CharmPosh.com “should tot girls wear heels, style over comfort?”

Then you have your traditional high-end luxury lifestyle for children 12 and under covering fashion toys, clothes, playhouses, etc. When Trump, you heard right “Donald Trump” opened Trump kids CharmPosh.com provided an insider of what to expect from the The Trump® Hotel Collection new Trump Kids program.

The CharmPosh.com blog is full of fun and excitement for children and parents. It is named after our beautiful daughter Charm!

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