Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways that influencers earn money online, especially from their social media channels. Learning top secrets for how-to sell high-end products using affiliate marketing strategies is a highly sought after skill.

LinkedIn named affiliate marketing as no. 7 among the Top 10 hard skills that companies need most in 2020. Which affiliate marketing is identified as a new skill for the list.


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According to LinkedIn, “with the decline of traditional advertising and the rise of social media, affiliate marketing is rapidly rising as a must-have hard skill. Affiliate marketing leverages influencers on social media to tie their brand to personal experiences and stories of an influencer in their target audience.”

Actually, affiliate marketing can help to generate major revenue for companies and particularly luxury brands. We even use affiliate marketing to promote luxury brands and high-end products on our site.

What is affiliate marketing?

Known as the ultimate way to make passive income, affiliate marketing is the strategic and influential marketing promotion that allows affiliate partners to earn commissions from marketing products, goods, or services created by another company in return for earning a commission. Generally, the commission is a percentage of the actual product price.

To be successful at affiliate marketing also requires having a niche audience of followers who would be ideal consumers to purchase related offers.

Most influencers fail to realize the importance of having their own self-hosted website. Companies are looking to work with influencers that also have their own self-hosted websites outside of popular social media channels.

Brands are looking to work with affiliate marketing partners that can help sell their high-end products. They also want to see those self-hosted websites have a good Alexa Traffic Rank, usually under the 1 million mark and that influencers can drive traffic for their offers on a self-hosted site as well as social media promotions.

Affiliate marketing requires good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills. WordPress is the ultimate platform to create a self-hosted website.

The reason that WordPress is so effective for building a self-hosted website to implement affiliate marketing is that it allows you to “create alternative text” for images. That means that you can plug in top search keywords for offers that you promote as the image descriptions, making your affiliate marketing offer search engine friendly when crawled by Google and will be available in search engine results.

Bluehost is a top WordPress provider for self-hosted websites. The company is highly recommended because of currently hosting more than 850,000 WordPress self-hosted websites.

Many of our clients use Bluehost and have great success running affiliate marketing offers from this platform.

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Spending on affiliate marketing in the U.S. is predicted to reach $8.2 billion by 2022. This is up from $5.4 billion in 2017 and $1.6 billion in 2010.

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