A dinner party is one of the most respected entertainment gatherings among wealthy people. To define a dinner party, “it is a social occasion at which guests eat dinner together”. Generally, the host is always responsible for the dinner party planning and inviting all the guests who will attend the dinner party. For the affluent there are rules that must be followed for dinner party entertainment. The selected location for the dinner is typically held at the home of the host.

Formal Table

Affluent individuals start formal dinner parties by holding a cocktail hour first in the setting of the living room or bar. This sets the ambiance and essence for conversation and blending. The purpose of the cocktail hour presents a process for the guests to mingle. After mingling the guests gather at a dining table with beautiful formal place settings and decor. Wine selections have a very important role during dinner parties and different wines are served to accompany individual courses.

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It is the responsibility of the hostess to oversee the success of the dinner party. A good host must attend to every guest and make certain each guest is having an amazing experience. If the dinner party is not a good experience for any guest this looks very badly on the host. A bad experience for a guest is a reflection on the host which is considered poor taste and class for hosting skills. There are no exceptions, proper hosting skills is a mandatory asset when it comes to high society.

Dinner Table

  1. Dinner Party Planning – A dinner party theme is planned at least three weeks before by the host and every formal event must have a centered purpose.
  2. Extend Guest Invitations – Guest invitations are sent out two to three weeks before the dinner party. Inclusion of the cocktail hour, appetizers, and mingling. Guest RSVP one week before the dinner party.
  3. Menu Planning – Great detail and consideration goes into planning the menu for food and wine with variety selections.
  4. Music Planning – A well thought out music play-list selection plays the entire duration of the dinner party.
  5. Seating Planning – When eight guests or less attend the dinner party no seating arrangements. When more than eight guests or more attend the dinner party seating arrangements with place cards are done.
  6. Dessert Planning – After dinner delicious desserts are served followed by coffee or tea at the end of dessert.

Pulling off a fabulous dinner party? “how easy is that” !

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