Luxury is NOT a discount mall and certainly not a buy luxury and get something luxury free concept. However, lately we are starting to see luxury houses and luxury cars being offered as pairs. Not too sure if I can actually see the value of why would a FREE anything make me buy a luxury item?

Luxury is a perception and those who buy luxury do so because of the experience. When I think of luxury I think excellence, first class, etc. Your quality of life should be greater because of your luxury experience, making price tags and bargains not matter. Luxury brands should be trying to establish product education awareness to increase demand value over promotional offers.

Would you consider buying a luxury Pearl Motor Yacht if you got a free Bentley? What does the concept of this type of promo do to the value of Bentley? After all you can get a Bentley free if you buy the Pearl Motor Yacht, right?

I would suggest making this promo work more effectively and not taking from the value of both brands. I recommend they do a co-branding promo concept over the free promo offer. Luxury brands will need to form alliances to leverage brand awareness. Now, I would consider buying a Pearl Motor Yacht Bentley edition. It would be a win-win I get a luxury Yacht and luxury car co-branded.

I understand that the recession has luxury brands running scared. However, adding publicity using promos that don’t add value to your luxury brand may be more harmful than helpful.

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