After months of research and planning we are ready to launch the first ever social media network focused on wealthy affluent black people. The social media website will celebrate black luxury lifestyles and of course you do not have to be a black person to join. However, there are some other strict guideline requirements to be a member.


It is the official exclusive social network that celebrates the luxury lifestyles of wealthy black people. A selective member’s only gathering place focusing on affluent black people that have a net worth no less than $2 Million dollars. Maintain a monthly disposable spending allowance of at least 6K and a minimum annual household income of $270,000.

Right now you can receive a free six months membership for those who meet criteria! Optional annual membership fee is $3,500 a year.

The social network is hosted on the trusted backbone of Ning.

Why was founded by UltiSky, Inc the affiliate company of Mosnar Communications, Inc a leading luxury PR firm. The purpose of the social network website was to address the needs to explore the cultural of black luxury lifestyles.

The social network offers a unique environment that centers on celebrating luxury lifestyles of wealthy black people and how experiences are shared.

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