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China: A Vibrant Tapestry

This new 17-day Small Group itinerary is a pioneering mix of China’s history, culture, landscape and people. Retrace the course of the ancient Silk Road and walk in the steps of the Emperors. Explore pulsating, contemporary cities and historic towns little changed by the centuries. Journey into the countryside to meet tribal peoples and see pandas in their natural habitat.

Highlights of this Journey Beyond the Ordinary™ include:

  • Riding a camel through the desert along the ancient route of the Silk Road
  • Visiting the haunting Terracotta Warriors
  • Viewing 2,500 Buddha statues dating back to the Han dynasty
  • Seeing giant pandas and red pandas at the Chengdu Research Base
  • Meeting the locals in a remote Xizhou tribal village
  • Exploring the UNESCO-listed old town of Lijiang

Wild Indonesia

This 12-day, newly-designed journey captures the essence of the diverse land of Indonesia in an artful synthesis of cultural and wildlife experiences, born of a deep love for these islands and more than two decades traveling throughout their outer reaches. In Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), legendary jungles beckon the explorer in your soul while fabled Java is home to Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist monument and Yogyakarta, the island’s vibrant cultural heartland. In contrast, serene Bali beckons with terraced rice fields, small local villages and eminent artists and craftsmen. Finally, the islands of the Komodo Archipelago offer the chance to become acquainted with the formidable Komodo Dragon, as well as some of the most beautiful coral reef systems in Asia.

Highlights of this Journey Beyond the Ordinary™ include:

  • Exploring remote tribal villages that still practice traditional customs
  • Watching a private performance of the spell-binding Balinese kecak dance
  • Observing orangutans up close and in the wild at Camp Leakey
  • Getting acquainted with the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon
  • Sightseeing in Yogyakarta by horse-drawn cart
  • Staying in traditional-style inns and lodges
  • Touring with and expert on Indonesian culture, flora and fauna

North & South India: A Kaleidoscope of Color

Spend 15 days exploring India—a land that defies categorization. Wildly varied in culture, history, religion and landscape, only by traveling the length of the subcontinent can one begin to scratch the surface of this vibrantly complex nation. On this multifaceted journey, we will survey some of India’s most important cultural centers, iconic monuments, UNESCO World Heritage sites and beautiful wilderness areas, including urban Delhi and Mumbai, the Taj Mahal, regal Rajasthan and the verdant backwaters of Kerala.

Highlights of this Journey Beyond the Ordinary™ include:

  • Watching the sun rise above the mesmerizing Taj Mahal
  • Touring Delhi’s UNESCO sites, temples, shrines and mosques
  • Discovering the majesty of the Mughal period in Rajasthan
  • Taking a sunset cruise on Cochin Harbor
  • Witnessing the ablutions of the devout along Varanasi’s sacred ghats
  • Staying in exquisite accommodations, from restored palaces to historic hotels
  • Traveling with an expert on Indian history and culture

These new 2014/2015 trips are ready for booking immediately, along with many other Small Group departures. Or contact one of our award-winning Travel Specialists to craft a one-of-a-kind Custom Journey personalized to fit your interests and schedule.

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