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Baselworld Luxury Watch Event Mosnar Communications 1

The Ultimate Sign of Wealth: How Luxury Watches Reflect Achieved Status and Recognition in the Luxury Market

For luxury watch lovers, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of wearing a timepiece that reflects their success and wealth. From the intricate details of the design to the use of the finest materials, luxury watches are the ultimate symbol of status and achievement in the luxury market. What makes luxury watches so significant in …

Coinsfera Introduces Buying Real Estate In Dubai With Bitcoin MosnarCommunications

Coinsfera Introduces Buying Real Estate In Dubai With Bitcoin or Any Cryptocurrency

Coinsfera is an OTC cryptocurrency exchange shop where you can securely buy and sell any cryptocurrency with cash in Dubai, Istanbul, London and Kosovo. Dubai is a safe haven for real estate investors, and owning land there is a dream. As a result, Coinsfera brings you the greatest possibilities to buy villas in Dubai with Bitcoin. They will undoubtedly add value to your assets …


Mercedes-Benz USA: Project MAYBACH Featuring Virgil Abloh

A design unlike anything that has been developed by Mercedes-Benz, every element of Project MAYBACH has been built from scratch. Abloh, collaboratively with Gorden Wagener, has interpreted Mercedes-Maybach’s luxury identity with a new design language and pushed the boundaries of function, style, and collaborative creativity. Inspired by the great outdoors and recontextualizing a traditionally metropolitan …

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AeroJet Me + Travala.com Partnership Agreement

The new partnership will allow AeroJet Me to continue developing its growing network of business partners while Travala.com will now be able to add a luxury jet rental booking to its already attractive palette of services. (MC MosnarCommunications.com Luxury Press Release) – A leading international private jet rental company, AeroJet Me, and travel booking platform Travala.com, signed a partnership …


LVMH Announces Passing Of Virgil Abloh

Since March 2018, Virgil Abloh was Men’s Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton. (MC MosnarCommunications.com Luxury Press Release) – LVMH, Louis Vuitton and Off White are devastated to announce the passing of Virgil Abloh, on Sunday, November 28th, of cancer, which he had been battling privately for several years. In 2015, Virgil Abloh for Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh™? …