OMG, this is our week of problems and more problems. First we had the Intern reject that continues to write us about how bad of a company we are because we did not accept her! Now I learn that Studio Petra Azar has dishonored the charities that WE pitched to have her products placed on the celebrities supporting their causes.

How it works, charities often have really good relationships with celebrities. Petra Azar approached us about having her products placed on celebrities through charity events. Sounds like a win-win right? The charities get recognition to support their causes; the celebrities receive products for supporting the causes and raising awareness. The owner of the business gets to have their products placed on celebrities. How amazing? Yea right!

What went wrong, Studio Petra Azar took the credit for celebrities wearing her products BUT forgot about the charity relationships! In a perfect world this would have and should have never happened.

Honorable Recognition

Trumpet Awards Foundation

The View’s Sherri Shepherd wears The United Heart for 17TH Annual Trumpet Awards – Product Placement by Mosnar Communications, Inc

Pastor Paula White receives The United Heart for 17th Annual Trumpet Awards – Product Placement by Mosnar Communications, Inc

Additionally through the creditable relationships maintained by the Trumpet Awards Foundation, Petra Azar was introduced to gospel singer Ernestine Dillard and gave The United Heart to her during the 17th Annual Trumpet Awards.

A prior relationship that developed through the wonderful charity The Evoluer House allowed Petra Azar to present The United Heart to the legendary group La Belle.

If you are going to use charity relationships to get your products placed on celebrities. Please don’t dishonor the charities or hurt the good name of the luxury PR firm that pitched and sold YOU to the charities.

The most successful path is one that when you can account HOW you got there. Honor is something to behold.

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