Michael Vick the legacy of a fallen sports superstar. Well, like many black males Mr. Vick has served time and has been released. What is to become of Vick’s career, the Vick brand is in the can. Needless to say, I am hopeful that Mr. Vick’s brand legacy will sustain.

So, how marketable is Mr. Vick today? First understand the story behind Vick and the little black boy who made it but had no direction what to do when he got there. Surrounded by fake friends, franchises that profited from his name, you know how it goes.

Social economic status was the biggest downfall in Vick’s career. When you are not trained and taught what is politically correct or even right from wrong you have a disadvantage from the start. This may be the storyline to half of the black men in America in prison. Seek first to understand what drives a behavior before you conclude that the person is malice over treating the conduct of the behavior.

Dog fighting, inappropriate breeding and violent behavior are acts that do not represent sound mind. Mr. Vick is truly sorry for his actions and has served his time. Certainly, continued therapy should play a strong role in Mr. Vick’s treatment plan. A person with a former drug problem in recovery will tell you that treatment is a continued process.

What’s next for Michael Vick?

Here is my dream wish list for Michael Vick!

1. The NFL considers social economic status and how it impacts the conduct of players on and off the field. The NFL will implement polices and procedures for those at a social economic disadvantage.

2. Michael Vick is allowed to PLAY in the NFL!

3. Michael Vick goes to play for the Detroit Lions and Take them ALL the Way to the Super Bowl.

4. Michael Vick donates himself to charities working with troubled kids and teenagers!

5. Michael Vick keeps a clean haircut, no more braids please!

Call it the comeback of the century! Welcome home Mr. Vick, we are pulling for you.

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