Naomi Campbell co-signs for Pat McGrath’s Divine Skin: Rose 001™ The Essence! Capturing the Holy Grail of beauty PR endorsements. 

Which heavyweight Top Model, Naomi Campbell swears by and co-signs on the beauty benefits. Granting this luxury beauty product a significant stamp of approval.

“I’m always asked, how do I keep my skin looking so healthy and refreshed. I don’t go a day without Divine Skin: Rose 001™? The Essence. I’m obsessed with the results! The glow, the luminosity, the hydrating, the plumping – it’s unparalleled!” – Naomi Campbell confirms.



Divine Skin: Rose 001™ The Essence, Buy Now $86

Why does this beauty product work?

The Essence is formulated with 97% botanically-derived ingredients that transform skin in an instant and deliver even more major results over time.

Oily skin: The Essence may be used on its own as a lightweight moisturizer.

Balanced or dry skin: Apply The Essence first, then layer on serums, oils, and/or moisturizer from thinnest to thickest.

PAT’S TIP: For extra hydration and glow throughout the day, press into the face. (Décolletage, shoulders, and body, too!)


Divine Skin: Rose 001™ The Essence, Buy Now $86

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