Luxury beauty brand secrets and exposure have long been linked to PR packages sent to influencers. However, there is a secret art to making Beauty PR packages stand out in the crowd.

Influencers absolutely love showing off Beauty PR packages. There appears to be an art in unveiling exactly what’s inside when unboxing. Hence the importance of PR lists and building influencer relationships to reach ideal target audiences when selling to luxury consumers.

The moment of truth is the great reveal and you want your luxury beauty brand’s PR package to be supreme over all the competition.

It doesn’t matter if your luxury beauty brand is in a different category. When it comes to Beauty PR packages the focus is on branding.

The scorecard that your Beauty PR package receives in the reveal process is paramount. This is ultimately the biggest opportunity to resonate with luxury consumers and drive demand for your luxury beauty brand.


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Here are five necessary rules to follow for making sure your luxury beauty brand’s delivery of Beauty PR packages to influencers will stand out in the crowd and beyond.

Rule 1

Unboxing With Purpose

Most often luxury beauty brands will send influencers Beauty PR packages without establishing a purpose for the unboxing event.

Each event should have a purpose and unboxing a luxury beauty product is a big event. It has the potential to go viral and should be viewed as a really big deal.

The unboxing event must always have a purpose and adding a theme to the packaging makes it special.


Rule 2

Brand Awareness Collaboration

Introduce your luxury beauty product by name and expressly educate the influencers on the best features and benefits.

Include two different Beauty PR packages, one for live unboxing for luxury consumers and the other for product overview when educating influencers from your PR list.

Creating a stronger narrative to implement brand awareness content for influencers, detailing the best features and benefits for your luxury beauty brand.

Rule 3

PR List Building

Research is the best practice when it comes to building a PR list. Matching influencers who resonate well with their audiences about similar niches matched to your luxury beauty brand offer.

Review comments from luxury consumers left on influencer’s social media channels. Seek to build a PR list of influencers with similar values and beliefs to your luxury beauty brand.

Rule 4

Complimentary Digital Download

This is where your luxury beauty brand can stand out in the crowd. Offering luxury consumers a complimentary digital download in form of a brochure, highlighting your luxury beauty product’s best features and benefits.

Allowing you to build a database of luxury consumers interested in learning more about your luxury beauty brand.


Rule 5

VIP Beauty Offer

Never miss an opportunity to provide a VIP Beauty Offer experience for your luxury beauty brand!

Sending PR packages and unboxing reveals introduce the perfect opportunity to make influencers and luxury consumers feel super special.

The elements of sending Beauty PR packages are essential moments of luxury PR. Allowing your luxury beauty brand to connect with luxury influencers and your desired target audience.

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